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It sucks when nobody calls out homophobia because the person is famous.
I was watching Hip-Hop Squares (the new Hollywood Squares) last night and the question was does Nelly model underwear or athletic apparel. DJ Khaled was like (I’m not exaggerating here, either):

"Woah, woooooah ok. Um, I don’t wanna answer this one. I don’t wanna say this one out loud. Can I whisper it in Dita’s ear and she says it for me?" (they say no) "Um, ok. I don’t like talking about another guy in this way. But, um -huuuge pause- he models underwear."
WAS ALL OF THAT DRAMA REALLY FUCKING NECESSARY?! First off, the question or answer can’t even be misconstrued as gay. Maybe he saw a bilboard or magazine ad with Nelly in it, doesn’t mean he’s gay now. Secondly, I’m disappointed that the whole time this went on (for like, a minute) no one said anything. They didn’t even have to say “there’s nothing wrong with that” or “That’s not gay”. Just a simple “hurry up/stop playing around/ okay get on with it, just answer the question” would have been nice.